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Are you taking the pikey?

Media commentators have done a wonderful job of not saying what they want to say when comparing the Shannon and Maddie abductions. Mutterings about “less attractive and not-so media-savvy people” and “more articulate and better looking parents” are a cop-out.  So is “Why is it that the McCanns had so much more publicity than Shannon’s parent(s)?” We all know the answer:

Pikeys get a worse deal in the media that posh people . 

Plus, they are manipulated for the sake of more interesting copy. For instance, last night a whole clutch of them was swigging champagne and saying stuff such as ” I’m going to get really drunk now!”. Some of them looked as if they were taking direction from someone behind the camera: ” Wave the bottle higher and shake it a bit more, love !”

All the bottles had the same label which suggests that they were bought by one person. I suspect that it was a TV producer who had arrived with the wine in order to get that shot of a line of pikeys shaking champagne (it was probably Cava) in the manner of Wayne and Waynetta Slobb at a pikey christening.

No doubt , now that Shannon has (thankfully) been found, there will be more hacks with chequebooks (sorry, I meant cash) arriving and interviewing dads, uncles aunts and the several hundred more relatives that will emerge from the chipboard.

The TV interviews will all finish with the phrase that all uneducated prats use: ”  I am so happy that I really don’t know what to say.”

The reason, darling, that you don’t know what to say is because you have run out of vocabulary.

To all you media people: LEAVE THEM ALONE.  Although it’s big  – it’s certainly not clever.