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Ratko Mladic, Srebrenica and Lawyer benefits


The International Court of Justice sits at the incongruously named ‘Palace of Peace’ at the Hague.

The whole process within the Palace of Peace is controlled by lawyers for lawyers.

Whilst making MILLIONS in legal fees and boosting their retirement funds, the lawyers should investigate Euro Law in order to establish whether the International Court of Justice could register as a charity in order to formally establish its charitable status as a ‘Lawyer Benefit Organisation’.

Currently, it takes YEARS to convict a war criminal. Some of the “accused” die before the end of their trial.

The death of an accused war criminal is no doubt treated as a great tragedy by the legal profession because when  the flow of taxpayer ‘big bucks’ ceases, the lawyers find that their regular ‘nice little earner’ has died with the deceased.

Here’s a suggestion: Instead of trying to indict war-criminals on EVERY SINGLE CRIME that the legal profession can think of – they should be tried ONLY on their MAJOR crimes. Forget the minor murders and parking tickets. Try them for the crimes that matter.

Just for starters, Ratko Mladic  should be indicted for the Srebrenica massacre. Once convicted, he should be dancing at the end of a rope. If found innocent, the lawyers can move down his portfolio.

That approach certainly will NOT produce the customary lawyer-revenue but will certainly generate a result within the accused’s lifetime.

Adopting the simple approach would mean that war criminals could be charged and convicted (or otherwise) within months, rather that years – or possibly never.

Then, we can show them the mercy that they showed their victims and move on.

That way, scumbags such as Ratko Mladic  would not relish a taxpayer-funded future of five, ten or more years whilst enjoying a Holiday Inn living standard which they could only have dreamed-of when they were slaughtering  innocent fellow countrymen.