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CWU – An Assisted Suicide.


The modern face of Royal Mail

So the Royal Mail strike is on. It has been booked to continue for only two days but the fallout will last for the next few weeks. The Royal Mail system will not suddenly right itself after two days of inactivity. Letters, people, vans and parcels will not magically materialise at the depot where they are supposed to be. Continue reading CWU – An Assisted Suicide.

BNP or not BNP

  • President Obama has sent John Kerry over to Afghanistan to smack the back of president Hamid Karzai’s legs. It appears that the last Afghan election was conducted fraudulently. As a result it would appear that Karzai does not have the minimum 50% of the vote that confirmed him as the rightful winner. The needlessly macho-named Operation Panther’s Claw was a waste of time – although it was never clear how a bunch of soldiers (including 10 dead Brits) could make an election “fair” because the whole thing was run like a circus with guns. There will now be a run-off between Karzai and his chief rival Abdullah  Abdullah. Kerry, pontificating on Obamas’s behalf spoke of the need for a “legitimate outcome.” It would be interesting to speculate how recent history would have turned out if the same rules had been applied to the first George W Bush election.

Nick Griffin MEP Continue reading BNP or not BNP

Postman Prat

  • Royal Mail is going to hire 30,000 workers to “help” during the impending strike. Usually the  Post Office hires only an additional 15,000 staff for the Christmas rush. Let us hope that this blatantly provocative gesture by the Royal Mail management does not backfire. Let us also hope that in their haste, they do not forget to run proper background checks on the people that they hire and so keep the number of thieves and terrorists to a minimum. Expensive temporary labour plus the millions in lost revenue, plus the damage to the business does not, on the face of it look like the ideal plan. Adam Crozier, Royal Mail’s boss has taken a leaf out of Rupert Murdoch’s lexicon of nastiness. Remember when there was that big falling out with the print unions? Murdoch had an alternative workforce “ready to go” when the unions objected to modernisation and job losses. Where is that all-powerful print union nowadays? Continue reading Postman Prat

Don Gordo speaks

“Just pay the money, you punks. We don’t want no accidents, do we? When Tommy the Legg is unhappy – I am unhappy. Think about it. OK  so  he’s a “testa di cazzo” but he’s like a brother. Sei niente senza rispetto!”. 

Many MPs just don’t want to return any expenses  and it seems that Sir Thomas Legg has neither the authority nor any sanctions to apply to this rapidly amplifying problem of parliamentary dissent.  Party  leaders are showing little management ability and are communicating with their own Members by issuing indirect threats through the medium of the TV interview. Speaker Bercow is still keeping schtum and probably double-checking the £20,000-plus that he has been claiming every year. Or perhaps he’s making sure that the Capital Gains has been properly paid by his accountant on the house sales from which he has profited. Continue reading Don Gordo speaks