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Immigrants – we NEED them!

According to the Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR), the UK needs SEVEN MILLION migrants over the next 50 years to help keep down national debt levels.

The OBR warns that the UK’s ageing population was squeezing public finances and said there was “clear evidence” that migrants, who tend to be working age, have a “positive effect on the public sector’s debt dynamics”.

The OBR has also warned that increasing pensioner numbers and a strained healthcare system means an extra £19 BILLION of spending cuts or tax increases  are needed to combat an “unsustainable” pressure on the nation’s public finances.

It IS possible that while we continue to live too long and not produce enough, those much maligned  immigrants could be the solution to our economic problems.

That should please UKIP!

HERE’S the Executive Summary of the OBR’s Fiscal Sustainability Report.

UK Unemployment – It hasn’t MOVED!

The United Kingdom’s latest unemployment figures have just been published amid extravagant “progress”  claims by the Coalition Government.

Here is a BBC screen from April 2010 – just before the last election:

Here is the BBC screen from TODAY:

DO please click on both images! Your eyes are NOT deceiving you!

We appear to have had a lot of activity and bustle from the Coalition Government but the unemployment figure is exactly the same as it was three years ago.

The government claims to have created ONE MILLION new jobs in the private sector.

That must be the MOST UNPRODUCTIVE block of workers ever seen because they have had no impact whatsoever on National Productivity.

What is occurring? Apart, that is, that MORE of the 2.5 million are now either under-employed and/or  part-time.