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House of Lords farce……..

Before MPs vote on whether or not to continue with the reorganisation or reformation of the House of Lords, with the ultimate intent of a totally elected Upper House, they should first consider a few things.

For instance, how many in the House of Commons are de facto “hereditaries”? That is to say, how many have fathers, grandfathers etc who were politicians?

What’s good for the goose…etc!

Will we be given the opportunity to elect The Lords Spiritual? Surely nowadays, a belief in Jesus is  not enough of  a legitimate credential to be handed a seat in the House of Lords, in spite of our mutant God-Monarch Constitution.

Will retired Members of the House of Commons, or worse still, those who lost an election, were rejected by the electorate, be allowed to contest  another election for a seat in the Lords? A seat in the Upper House should NOT be a consolation prize.

Do we REALLY need political parties in the Lords? Is it democratic for both the Commons and the Lords to have the same political majority – because that is exactly what WILL happen if both Houses are elected under the same political banners. Inept bully-boy politicians such as the current crop would automatically wield power totally out of kilter with their ability and mandate.

Why don’t we start small. For instance, by ridding the Lord’s of their fancy dress. You know – the Lords’ Spirituals pretty frocks and the Lords’ Temporal  “ermine” robes. The rabbit population would be ever so grateful.

My own suggestion? Leave it. There would only be a problem if they all turned up at once…and, oh yes……increase their daily allowance to at least £500. The present £300 per day is embarrassing.  Leave the hair-shirts and ridiculously low wages for the Commons to deal with. They deserve it.

Make no mistake, today’s vote could be the straw which broke the Coalition’s increasingly splintering back.

(By the way, guys. While you’re playing at Lords, the economy is still burning. ………Just thought I’d mention it)