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Take any card

Credit card companies now appear to be competing not only with each other but with back-street money lenders. If you are in the habit of paying only the minimum monthly payment on your credit card, it could take you up to 50 years to repay the balance. However, the good news is that if you do only repay the minimum, the credit card company is very likely to increase your borrowing limit from time to time. However, if you are one of the naughty people who repays their balance every month, you are likely to have your borrowing limit reduced. Why? Because the less prudent borrowers are the most profitable to the credit card companies.  Continue reading Take any card

CWU – An Assisted Suicide.


The modern face of Royal Mail

So the Royal Mail strike is on. It has been booked to continue for only two days but the fallout will last for the next few weeks. The Royal Mail system will not suddenly right itself after two days of inactivity. Letters, people, vans and parcels will not magically materialise at the depot where they are supposed to be. Continue reading CWU – An Assisted Suicide.