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Gordon’s note – again


“Gotcha! You Pommie bastard.”




One cannot help but feel sorry for Jacqui Janes. Her son Jamie was killed in Afghanistan and she feels that he may have lived had a helicopter been available to transport him away from the war zone. The poor boy bled to death. The truth is that we’ll never know.

I have never been Gordon Brown’s greatest fan but in spite of his apparent lack of decision-making capabilities, he is a profoundly decent man and  should be believed when he says that the note which he wrote to Mrs Janes was done with good heart.

Unfortunately for Mr Brown, Rupert Murdoch and his Sun “newspaper” think otherwise. The Sun scum who masquerade as journalists have gathered around the Prime Minister like a pack of slavering hyenas. They sensed a wounded Brown and have encircled him and drawn blood. Thankfully, other editors – those who are not Murdoch batty boys have kept clear of the furore. They understand the difference between journalism and mindless comic-book opportunism.

Gordon Brown was not-only sincere but visibly upset when he delivered today’s statement and apology to Mrs Janes. Remember that he does not need lessons in losing a child.

If Murdoch insists on continuing the anti-Brown crusade, he should instruct his Sun underlings to develop their campaigns from  news and pay no heed to an attention-seeking idiot of a woman who appears to be using her son’s death (no matter how tragic) to grab her 15 minutes of fame. The Sun journos must have messed their pants in excitement when they were approached by Mrs Janes and the Prime Minister’s apparently hastily-scribbled note.

My own current bet would be that Murdoch has done Gordon Brown a big favour by making him look vulnerable, human and empathetic to both war victims and their families.

Mrs Janes recorded her telephone conversation with the Prime Minister – or to put accurately, she was scripted by the Sun comic, whose representatives  were surrounding her when the Prime Minister telephoned last night.

There is a vast difference between news-gathering and news creation. Murdoch is a hate-filled  crumbling relic who has just overstepped the mark.

Leave British politics to the British, you colonial pillock.

(I tried to find Murdoch’s Spitting Image puppet as an illustration but apparently it has been melted down and moulded into an asshole)