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Good Luck mate.

“And it shall be a government, too, that gives this country strength and confidence in leadership both at home and abroad……………………..
It shall be a government rooted in strong values, the values of justice and progress and community, the values that have guided me all my political life. But a government ready with the courage to embrace the new ideas necessary to make those values live again for today’s world – a government of practical measures in pursuit of noble causes. That is our objective ……………………………..
Above all, we have secured a mandate to bring this nation together, to unite us – , one nation in which our ambition for ourselves is matched by our sense of compassion and decency and duty towards other people. Simple values, but the right ones.”

Barack Obama 2009? 

No – that was Tony Blair, May 1997.

There is little doubt that the words will remain memorable but history judges deeds and not intent.

Do you remember those optimism-fired stirrings of confidence and euphoria as Tony Blair concluded that short speech on the steps of No 10 Downing Street on 2nd May 1997?

Here we are in 2009. We are older and yes, maybe wiser but here is one lesson that we should have learned:

Ultimately, every political leader either fails or is found out.

Let us hope that Barack Obama is the exception because the weight of expectation is already too heavy.