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Great tits

I have just spotted an “I’m a Celebrity” photo in one of the down-market Sunday red-tops and it’s making me feel a bit squiffy. I can hardly keep the roast down.

It is a snap of the tit-obsessed, delusional  panto dame Kim Woodburn. She is sitting on a log, legs wide apart, eating rice and beans.

Still, I suppose she’s keeping the flies off everyone else’s food.

Price of Jordan.

Apparently ALL books, perfume, underwear, horse-riding gear etc which are being distributed under the Jordan brand are taking a bit of a nose-dive. Lower sales and an unwillingness of major stores to even distribute the goods appears to indicate the end of the  Jordan obsession.

That was all happening BEFORE Ms Price walked out of “I’m a Celebrity”. Those in the know think that leaving the show was a major mistake.

Here’s what Max Clifford has said:

“In terms of PR, what Jordan did last night was not a good move at all.

“It’s clear the public don’t like her because she kept getting nominated for all the trials. By storming off, that has been cemented.”

Max added: “She could have used the jungle to her advantage but she’s done the opposite.

“It could be the beginning of the end for her. Next year could be it. Her career is starting to show elements of diminishing returns.

“The public have seen the real Kate Price over the past few months and they don’t like what they see.”

Max should know and he is right.

It seems that Jordan has finally been found-out. Even an army of ghost-writers and PR men will not be able to put Jordan together again.

Incidentally, she ought to sue the plastic surgeon who “did” her face – especially the platypus-like top lip and the catalogue nose.