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Dodgy Speaker

What image does the word “grooming” serve up to our collective twisted little psyche? A drooling  pervert sitting in front of his laptop screen – sweaty comb-over  glistening in the soft glow of the TFT screen,  a trembling finger occasionally clicking a grubby little mouse, a handy box of Kleenex and heavy breathing as he leers at the  youngcivilservant.com chatroom as he types ” GT SUM IFNO FR ME TDAY? I FEEL I RLLY KNOW U NOW.” 

But enough about Scotland Yard.

The real villain in the “Groomgate” affair is not Damian “innocent until proved guilty” Green MP – it is the Speaker of the House, who by now , should have forgotten that he used to be a Labour politician.  Because of Michael Martin’s clumsy sell-out, the  debate has now moved on and questions are being asked about the Speaker’s political neutrality.  Would he have acted in the same way had Damian Green had been Labour rather than Conservative? The answer is that we should not even be asking such a question. We should not be questioning the impartiality of the Speaker of the House.

The Speaker of the house of Commons not only has to be impartial – he has to appear  to be impartial.

Can you see Selwyn Lloyd, George Thomas, Bernard Weatherill or Betty Boothroyd accepting any nonsense from the police? One can only imagine what Betty Boothoryd’s response would have been to a request from Scotland Yard to rifle through an innocent MP’s documents. 

Should Michael Martin have allowed Scotland Yard access to private information? No – because both the personal and constitutional ramifications are apocalyptic – the Speaker cannot appear to be an Establishment lackey.

The current Speaker has always looked uncomfortable, out of place and has consistently failed to provide leadership and direction. The time has come for him to be groomed for the House of lords.

I would wager that Sir George Young is now trying to remember where he stored those buckled shoes.