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All that Glitters is not Gadd…………………

Good to see Gary Glitter  knocking up those airmiles. He should have enough for a laptop by now.

Why the slavering media pack? Why the interest?

There are two main streams of opinion about Glitter’s unfortunate predicament:

1. “He’s served his time , paid his debt  to society so leave him alone.”

2. “Cut his bollocks off.”

He is a seedy old man who has always been known as a bit of a perv and he has (literally) screwed his life up.

There is a chance that he is deriving some sort of twisted pleasure from  the attention that we are giving him. Difficult and illogical as it may seem – our indifference would probably hurt him more than anything.

We need not continue to treat him like a celebrity. We should treat him like something that you might find sticking to the sole of your boot after a walk across the common.

Let’s ignore him and let the law keep a watchful eye.

We will always have Option 2 (above).

p.s. I know that it’s “GLISTERS” and not Glitters ( headline above)  but it was either that or “Nonce upon a Thai. Mmmmmm”.