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Question Slime


 “Mr Griffin, stop holding that comb under you nose and do please put your arm down.”

The British are instinctively racist – and that’s in spite of enjoying what is culturally the most diverse population in the world. There has been a growing fascination with the political far-Right since Fascism’s heyday of the 1930s. Even King Edward Vlll experienced a certain “frisson” when in the company of either Adolf Hitler or Oswald Mosley. Many of England’s ruling classes found a certain glamour in their association with extremists. Continue reading Question Slime

Gordon the Goofer


“Forgive me, Big G. When I said  “God, why don’t you fuck off”, I was talking to Blair.”

When Harriet Harman, Labour’s Deputy Leader says that there is no comparison between the demise of the John Major government and her own boss’s decline, she is mistaken.

Grass roots Socialists are disillusioned just as Tory supporters were  in 1996/97. The Labour Party has just realised that the man who is supposed to be driving the Labour Party forward has fallen asleep at the wheel.

Members of both parties are incredibly faithful to their leaders and it usually takes a lot of time for them to accumulate enough evidence to even contemplate the fact that their leader is a liability. The Conservatives have gone through the process several times in the last ten years.

Neil Kinnock was the best thing that ever happened to the Conservatives and  then John Major returned the compliment.

If the Conservatives have studied recent history, they will be doing everything to make sure that Gordon Brown remains as leader of the Labour Party until 2010. He is a real Conservative vote winner!

The shoddily-conceived  memoirs of John Prescott, Lord Levy and Cherie Blair will soon catapult  one of the Millibands to stardom and Gordon Brown will  be manoeuvred onto the trapdoor. The only thing that may delay his demise is  the real likelihood of too many hands on the lever. For instance, Frank Field already has both hands on it – and his knuckles are white.

Several commentators have referred to Gordon Brown’s vulnerable leadership. We have news for them – there is no leadership. That is the main issue.

So far, Gordon Brown has talked a lot but achieved nothing. For instance, the problem of the banks refusing to lend to prospective  house buyers has been kicked into the long grass. It now appears that the Bank of England defers to the British Banker’s Association and the BBA has already signalled that any future  Base Rate changes will be ignored by its members. Gordon Brown should assert himself by administering a  good butt-kicking. The Chancellor’s last meeting with the bankers showed that he can’t do it.  Slow Mervyn won’t do it because he is too nice.  Better still, Gordon could do another U-turn and take back control of the  BoE. That would be one U-turn which would win votes.

There are two traditional methods by means of which a Prime Minister or Party Leader attracts the voters’ attention. The first is a good old-fashioned shooting war (that method is already in use). The other is lots of  Cabinet blood on the carpet – we might see that one very soon.

Currently, the only real path open to Gordon is  to “buy back” voters with a series of populist quasi policies and “giveaways” which will probably end up in another series of Gordon cul-de-sacs with a “public consultation” or two. He likes those!

“Old people” is always a good one , as are health and education. Watch him “go” over the next few weeks. Make no mistake – nothing will actually happen but there will be speeches and promises and Public Consultations.

Remember  the Bill of Rights and changes to our constitution? The Serious Organised Crime and Police Act? Nuclear Power Stations?

You’ve guessed it. Public Consultations.

Gordon can probably hear the noises of the Westminster Scaffold being rolled into view – Cherie is taking knitting lessons and (just to be on the safe side), both Millibands are having their ties straightened and shoes polished.

Repeat after me boys: ” I can foresee no circumstances in which I would stand against Gordon Brown for the Labour leadership.”