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Question Slime


 “Mr Griffin, stop holding that comb under you nose and do please put your arm down.”

The British are instinctively racist – and that’s in spite of enjoying what is culturally the most diverse population in the world. There has been a growing fascination with the political far-Right since Fascism’s heyday of the 1930s. Even King Edward Vlll experienced a certain “frisson” when in the company of either Adolf Hitler or Oswald Mosley. Many of England’s ruling classes found a certain glamour in their association with extremists. Continue reading Question Slime

BNP or not BNP

  • President Obama has sent John Kerry over to Afghanistan to smack the back of president Hamid Karzai’s legs. It appears that the last Afghan election was conducted fraudulently. As a result it would appear that Karzai does not have the minimum 50% of the vote that confirmed him as the rightful winner. The needlessly macho-named Operation Panther’s Claw was a waste of time – although it was never clear how a bunch of soldiers (including 10 dead Brits) could make an election “fair” because the whole thing was run like a circus with guns. There will now be a run-off between Karzai and his chief rival Abdullah  Abdullah. Kerry, pontificating on Obamas’s behalf spoke of the need for a “legitimate outcome.” It would be interesting to speculate how recent history would have turned out if the same rules had been applied to the first George W Bush election.

Nick Griffin MEP Continue reading BNP or not BNP