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Turkish Delight

It may come as a surprise to many but  there is one country not too far away from the collapsing Eurozone which is  going to be one of the E7.

“E7?” I hear you ask:  China, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey, India and Russia.

In terms of economic output, these are the countries which will overtake the increasingly arrogant and shaky G7 cartel. It will happen within a generation and has been predicted by both Goldman Sachs and Price Waterhouse.

Apart from Turkey, all of the E7 are “over there somewhere”, whereas Turkey is on our doorstep – and we would do well to pay attention.

For the moment though, let’s park Turkey back  within the G20.

You may be forgiven for not knowing that last year, the The Turkish economy recorded the third-fastest G20 growth rate. The country was untouched by the current economic crisis and not a single Turkish bank failed.

Almost modestly, the Turkish government  slid onto the   World stage and presented itself as the voice of reason during the Libyan crisis.

They seem to be doing a lot right.

The Turkish community is the United Kingdom numbers about half a million – about 150,000 Turkish nationals with the rest of Turkish-Cypriot origin. They represent the epitome of integration, whilst maintaining their own traditions as well as contact with their country of origin – and the don’t make a noise about it.

Almost unnoticed, we have our first-ever woman of Turkish-Cypriot origin to be elected to the House of Lords:  Baroness (Meral) Hussein-Ece . She’s  already making an impact and adding a bit of much-needed administrative experience and glamour to what was rapidly becoming a Westminster rest-home for bilious ex-MPs.

She is a Liberal – but you can’t have everything! Seriously though, the important thing is that in what appears to be a Turkish trait, she is a straight talker – another attribute which has been sadly lacking in the recent political universe.

I was going to say “Turkey is Coming!” – but it seems that it’s already here!

Baroness Meral  is on Twitter and very worth following (@meralhece ) because her opinion on a variety of topics is now regularly sought by the media and whenever  she can, she shoots from the lip!

This, for example, is a link to her  interview today on Radio 4: CLICK HERE

Many of us are already smitten!