There may be trouble ahead….

In my predictions for 2011, I suggested riots and civil unrest. Many said that I was being too pessimistic but Italy, Greece , Portugal and the United Kingdom have clearly shown that civil dissidence is on the increase. Tents may be pulled down, arrests can be made  and demonstrators dismissed as “trouble makers” but the mind-set cannot be destroyed – just look at the current goings-on in Egypt.  Potentially 2012 could become the MOST crucially important year in world history. It could be THE year of change but also the year of homelessness, poverty, hunger, civil unrest, violence, crime and martial law .

THAT’S where both Europe and the United States of America are  currently headed, unless the politicians act NOW.

Both the unemployed as well as the  overstretched taxpayers will join forces and destroy governments during 2012. It is not something that anyone really wants to either think or talk about  but the sad fact is that ALL the components for a nightmare scenario are already in place with citizens EVERYWHERE moving towards a militant mindset. Politicians would do well to take note.

Meanwhile in Europe, politicians within the Eurozone are once again sitting back and observing the Greek, Italian and Spanish regime changes, in the vain hope that a simple change of administration will somehow have an effect on tumbling markets and crumbling economies.  The Americans appear to be in denial as well as out of leadership and ideas.

The only possible explanation for the politicians’ intransigence is that there has already been an acceptance of catastrophe and that the only device remaining is damage limitation after the event.

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