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 “Mr Griffin, stop holding that comb under you nose and do please put your arm down.”

The British are instinctively racist – and that’s in spite of enjoying what is culturally the most diverse population in the world. There has been a growing fascination with the political far-Right since Fascism’s heyday of the 1930s. Even King Edward Vlll experienced a certain “frisson” when in the company of either Adolf Hitler or Oswald Mosley. Many of England’s ruling classes found a certain glamour in their association with extremists.

Then came the Second World War and Fascism was discredited in the same way that Communism was discredited  40 years later. By now , therefore, one would assume that we would have learned the lessons of history and have come to realise the dangers of embracing extreme politics – of the Right or the Left. But there is one saying which we should do well not to forget:

 “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups”.

Events of the last few days have shown that there is still a fascination with right-wing extremism – no matter which disguise it is wearing. The current disguise is the one of tarting-up extremist ideas as political philosophy but only  as a device to engage the country in dialogue. Fascism in a nice suit.

When, for instance, a neo-Fascist tells his audience that the United Kingdom has an immigration problem, what he is primarily talking about is blacks and anyone from the Indian sub-continent. He’s not thinking “immigrants” – he’s thinking Niggers and Pakis.

Our “small, overcrowded island” is not an excuse for either abusing people, shipping them out or even increasing stocks of ZYCLON B.  One extremist may say that the solution to an overcrowded country is to get rid of all blacks. Another may favour compulsory birth control and yet another will find attractive the idea of killing anyone over the age of 70. On the face of it, all very practical and effective ideas but all borne of prejudice, ignorance and short-termism. Just the sort of philosophies which, if marketed correctly will appeal to the drooling masses.  

Eventually, extreme politics and extreme politicians have to rely on total State control  – from the economy to minority groups. THAT is the ultimate aim of the BNP. It has to be – otherwise, it cannot work.

Corporatism is an aspect of this type of control which is not always understood but forms an integral part of the philosophy. Corporatism is where the State allows or licences all social, religious and economic groups and organisations to function. That is to say, ultimately, every facet of a society is under state control because in order to gain legitimacy, permission has to be sought by the group to function. If the state approves of your group, it will be its benefactor and supporter – remember the Hitler Youth? However, if the state does not approve of your group, it will do its utmost to suppress it and ultimately, destroy it. Remember the Holocaust? Remember Idi Amin and Uganda’s Indian community? Remember Mugabe and his white farmers?  Marginalise, remove and exterminate.

The three examples of Hitler removing the Jews, Amin persecuting the Indian community and recently Mugabe killing Zimbabwe’s economy illustrate the point.  These are all examples of the lethal combination of a flawed ideology fired by prejudice. Single-issue politicians destroying economies because their simplistic views were clouded by their racially-distorted judgement. 

I did not see Question Time last night because it was all too predictable and there was little new to be learned. Prejudiced politicians accusing others of prejudice and a naive broadcaster seeking pointless justification by hiding under the flimsy canopy of fair-play and freedom of speech  – is debate at its grubbiest.

Single-issue politicians can only be exposed as being uni-dimensional when they are taken out of their substantial comfort zones and invited to play with the big boys. The economy, the recession, the transport system etc. Those are the topics which should be on the agenda. NOT racism – because , like religious zealots, there is absolutely no way that you can damage their beliefs. The debate is pointless. For instance, have you ever tried to convince a Jehovah’s witness that there is no God? An utter waste of time – and who gets the sympathy, even after you think that you’ve won the debate?.

Modern politicians have to possess a wide repertoire, ranging from a working knowledge of Keynsian Economics to the Environment, the Law, Taxation, Social Needs, Taxation. That is where the battle against Fascism should be fought and not in the garbage-infested hinterlands of racism and bigotry. 

Yesterday, the BBC SHOULD have asked for questions such as “So how would you propose to plug the pension gap in the National Health Service?”  or , ” What are your views on assisted suicide?”  There is only one way that the leader of a Fascist party would be able to answer those and any other questions – by reference to what he really embraces – racial prejudice. That approach would have exposed him to the ridicule that he so richly deserves. Being barracked and abused by a self-righteous audience and hypocritical politicians – of which two were probably black, one homosexual and another on wheels was not the solution. But the BBC played right into his hands – which resulted in all the yummy and colourful flavours of racism  and discrimination providing the main topics of discussion.

So how would a Nationalist party run the economy? How would they negotiate withe the United Nations? How many soldiers would they send to Helmand Province? What are their views on the oil price and devaluation of currency? Thanks to the BBC, we will never know.

Just to compound the lack of joined-up government, David Millband picked the day to say that the United Kingdom will soon be under pressure to accept millions of migrants if Global Warming continues and that “there will be wars”.

Just the sort of loose political garbage that is food and drink to extremists. The fears  of the stupid and the dispossessed are the extremists strongest weapons.

Never mind tending the green shoots of economic recovery – what about the gently flickering flame of prejudice. It needs to be extinguished before it begins to feel too warm.


  • Royal Mail Chief Executive Adam Crozier is keeping a very low profile this week. We wonder whether he is looking forward to his new executive role with TNT, the Dutch parcel carrier . It can’t be long before the government sells them that tasty cut-price slice of Royal Mail which the CWU has been goaded into damaging so efficiently.


  • Mr and Mrs Peter Andre’s marriage has ended today. The Decree is absolute as of today. Peter Andre says that he now feels OK to “look for love”  because recently, love has been a stranger. What a nice boy.<PUKE> His ex-wife, AFNAJ (Artist formerly known as Jugs) on the other hand, appears (allegedly) to have been showing everyone a passable impression of an outhouse door in the wind. Her special new bestest friend is a cage fighting, cross-dressing ex-actor with a permanent hard-on.  Class. Incidentally, why does the slavering Press Pack seem to be harbouring under the impression that AFNAJ is “clever” -because she has a few mill in the bank. Mystery. Getting ones tits out and releasing ghosted books is not clever – and as for the cause of her son Harvey’s disabilities – best not to say anything. Clever? Well maybe – but only in a relative way – for example, an isopod is more “clever” than an amoeba. I’ll stop there because I’m bored and Max Clifford does this sort of crap far better than I.


  • Yesterday, politicians appeared to be preening themselves in readiness for today’s announcement that the economy is out of recession. Oops! Between July and September (otherwise known as the 3rd Quarter), the economy shrank by a further 0.4%. We are now in the longest recession since records began and the deepest recession since 1945. Had the 3rd quarter growth been positive, Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling would now be telling us that their policies had worked. However, it now looks as if the “global recession” is still to blame and will continue to be blamed until the recession is over. Presumably at that point, the Prime Minister and Chancellor will once again demand the plaudits for a phenomenon which largely has always been out of their control. The analysts and experts had been predicting a 0.2% growth for the quarter. So much for them – again. They really MUST do something about those over-simplistic computer models that they play with. Alistair Darling is now predicting that “growth will come at the turn of the year”.  Just like Billy Bunter’s cheque. The fact is that there was NO recovery plan and the United Kingdom was NOT “better prepared”  to deal with the economic down-swing. The truth is that Brown and Darling’s contra-recessional initiatives were less economics and more “throw and hope”. Like a blindfolded darts-player : if he throws enough darts, eventually he is BOUND to hit the bulls-eye. The last throw for Brown and Darling was Quantitative Easing. Those two should join EQUITY.


  • The Chancellor has been quoted as saying that in spite of the fact that the UK economy is still languishing in a deep recession, “confidence is returning”.  Alistair, darling – NO IT ISN’T. If it is, then the confidence is only apparent at Westminster, which we all know is not really representative of the rest of the country.  He also said that he was “not surprised” by the figures which show that the economy shrank by 0.4% in the last quarter. Alistair, darling – YES YOU WERE !


  • This just arrived in my INBOX from No 10: “In last week’s message I restated the Government’s determination to end the reckless banking practices that have left many of you worried about your household budgets.”   My question back to Gordon: ” Determination is GOOD! When the f*** are you going to do something about it?”

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  1. I thin you are being pessimistic in saying that the British are instinctively racist. The problem is that the racists have too much influence on the media (the Mail, in particular) and politicians are too willing to cave in to them.

    The overcrowded island argument is plain wrong. Britain has a lower population density than lots of perfectly nice places like Holland, Japan and Sri Lanka.

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