Postman Prat

  • Royal Mail is going to hire 30,000 workers to “help” during the impending strike. Usually the  Post Office hires only an additional 15,000 staff for the Christmas rush. Let us hope that this blatantly provocative gesture by the Royal Mail management does not backfire. Let us also hope that in their haste, they do not forget to run proper background checks on the people that they hire and so keep the number of thieves and terrorists to a minimum. Expensive temporary labour plus the millions in lost revenue, plus the damage to the business does not, on the face of it look like the ideal plan. Adam Crozier, Royal Mail’s boss has taken a leaf out of Rupert Murdoch’s lexicon of nastiness. Remember when there was that big falling out with the print unions? Murdoch had an alternative workforce “ready to go” when the unions objected to modernisation and job losses. Where is that all-powerful print union nowadays?

  • Bomber Blair for President of Europe? There seems to be a groundswell of opinion AGAINST the idea. Nearly 40,000 have already signed the anti-petition.The role of President of Europe has been created in the Treaty of Lisbon. There’s never a referendum around when you need one.

  • Tony Blair’s reputation as a Bush “poodle” , the destruction of Iraq and the 500,000 corpses have done nothing to help Blair’s cause in his campaign to become President of Europe. Blair’s conduct during the Iraq crisis has been a real Weapon of Mass Dissatisfaction.

  • The best recent example of “spin” was last week’s government  interpretation of the latest unemployment figures. ” The unemployment figure of 2.47 million is less than expected and the rate of increase has gone down.” Here it is in Plain English: 2.47 million unemployed is the highest figure for 17 years.

  • Financial Regulators are going to make the banks responsible for mortgage and credit card lending.  We are going even more in the direction of “The System Says NO” . One one hand, the government is trying to persuade the banks to lend, yet on the other hand, its decision-making will be restricted by more draconian legislation. Apparently, the upshot will be that if it is shown that a bank lent money to an individual who could not really afford to borrow, then the bank will become responsible and liable for the loan. Another after licencing-hours “ten-pinter” from New Labour.

  • When will the government and especially Gordon Brown stop bitching about the banks, bankers and their bonuses and admit that the banking system has the government by the balls. Every threat and utterance made by the government and regulators is cosmetic and for voter-consumption only. The latest is “talk” of a windfall tax on bank profits. However, what is glossed-over is the fact that all banks that made a loss last year will be able to offset the loss against future earnings and not-only avoid a Brown windfall tax but also normal Corporation Tax. City Minister Paul Myners said ” The nation is angry and I’m angry.” Yet again, the entire banking industry will be quaking in its patent-leather boots.

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