Obama orders a burger:

“As the pink fingers of dawn caress the pale face of this momentous day, I would ask something of you – my fellow American……….. Take your gnarled hand , so majestically hewn by generations of selfish and greed-inspired economic oppression and reach…………yes, reach for that burger bun ( Yes we can!) and having split it with the ice-sharp steel of your artisan knife – thrust into it the onion-laced beef  and hand it to me –  for I am like you . I am your brother and I know that you also feel my hunger and the hunger of the people, your people……OUR PEOPLE!  We are the people!  And when you have handed it to me, I will endeavour to accomplish what has been instituted by families up and down this great land since the mists of time parted, to reveal our forebear – the ordinary man ( Yes we can!). Not asking for anything more that a bite – or just the opportunity of a bite. Now if that bite seems unpleasant or offensive in any way – we neither make nor demand apology  – we simply ask the one question that matters – ketchup or none? I do not yet know the answer but…..we shall begin our journey together and  we shall find out! It will be our quest! We may not get it right first time but one day we will know! God Bless the United States of America!”

” Do you want fries with that?”




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