Not a Graduate? Tough!

It has become fashionable for politicians to spout about “apprenticeships” – although most look and sound as if they may not quite be sure what one is. Although they do know that it is something that the young underclass does at “work” …………whatever that is.

Unlike the Germans, we still consider an apprenticeship as a bit “infra dig” because Mr and Mrs Smith would still prefer Little Johny to “have a degree”.

“He’s the first in our fambly to have letters after ‘is name. We’re so proud!”

This British quest for letters after one’s name is one of the reasons why we continue to fail as a manufacturing nation.

Reality Check: Not everyone can be a desk jockey.

According to the CIPD, SIX OUT OF TEN  United Kingdom employers do NOT offer routes into their organisation for non-graduates.

But on the PLUS side, we have one of the best-qualified Unemployment Queues in the Western world.

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