#NHS and the #GP Lottery

Worried or embarrassed about your GP examining you ?

About two months ago, my brother-in-law went to see his G.P about a back pain. The doctor examined him, told him that he’d strained his back and prescribed mild painkillers. He told George that his back would get better but that at his age, it might take some time.

A couple of weeks after that, George went to the doctor again. The pain was not improving and he was beginning to walk with quite a pronounced stoop. As a surveyor, there were occasions when he needed to climb ladders and he was naturally worried that his back might “give way” when he was up a ladder.

Needless to say, the G.P made the customary reassuring noises, examined George again and prescribed slightly stronger painkillers and a cream.

George began the course of painkillers and finally imagined that he was feeling some improvement.

Two weeks ago, he was climbing down a loft-ladder at home when the heavy trap door fell on his head, cutting a deep gash in his forehead. The following day, rather embarrassed, he visited his G.P again…..purely as a precaution.

The doctor examined him yet again, suggested that he finish his course of painkillers but that it might be a good idea for George to cal 111 and arrange an MRI scan…”just to be on the safe side”….. He thought that he would have the scan within two months.

Several days later, George’s family noticed that his head was permanently bent forward but said nothing….they thought that it was all part of the last few months’ back pain.

Last week George woke up in the night but found that he could not move and was feeling a tingling sensation in one arm.

His wife immediately called 999 because she was unable to move him.

In hospital, he was properly immobilised and put into a neck brace. The following day, he had X-rays and a scan.

The X-Rays and scan revealed that he has a broken neck and shadows which appear to be lymphomas around his spine. The hospital doctor asked for a biopsy.

It has now been confirmed that George has prostate cancer which has spread to his lymph glands and his bones have been weakened to the extent that they are so brittle that they are in danger of breaking with only a medium impact.

The prognosis is NOT great but it’s all still treatable……..

STILL worried about your GP examining you?

I’m only worried about THAT GP examining me and if I thought that it would do any good, I would publish his name.