Neo Mushroom Management

The standard of senior management in the United Kingdom appears to be deteriorating at an alarming rate and it seems to be a comparatively new phenomenon.

It all started about four years ago.

Bank Directors had no idea that their banker-underlings were dealing in financial products that neither they nor their employees understood.

Lords as well as senior politicians were blind to the fact that  fraud was rife in Westminster .

Senior Newspaper executives did not have an inkling that their reporters were resorting to criminal methods in order to obtain a story.

For a while, Government has not felt able to make a major decision without the involvement of lawyers and inquiries. Gordon Brown started THAT craze and it  appears to have caught on.

Elsewhere, politicians continue to dance between the shower-drops because they have NO IDEA when something horrendous is coming down the economic pipe.

Senior Military officers don’t know that squaddies are brutalising and murdering prisoners.

Once a month, the Bank of England soothsayers come blinking into the sunlight to deliver their traditionally mysterious but fallacious prophesies.

Directors are directing but they cannot be doing it efficiently because they do not have the information or even the knowledge.

A Stygian blackness has descended.

We have what can only be described as a  “Reverse Mushroom” management problem.

Nowadays, it is not just ordinary people who are kept in the dark and  fed shit.

We sit shoulder-to-shoulder with our leaders.

The above is representative of the perennial management dilemma – especially after the solids have come into contact with the air-conditioning. Does a leader :

A. Admit that he or she DID know what was going on and accept responsibility?


B.  Allow the self-preservation instinct to kick-in i.e. plead ignorance, deny everything, apportion blame and live with the impression that they’re a lousy leader.