Embryo or not embryo?

The old blokes in long frocks and funny hats have been making noises. Yes, it’s the Roman Catholic hierarchy again.

So when does the soul enter the cluster of cells? Is it when the sperm penetrates the egg wall? Does it sneak in through the puncture? Does it wait until the cells have divided once? Does the soul arrive after 24 weeks of development?

500 years ago, the church would have invented an answer. Unfortunately for them, the education of the masses has meant that they have to join a debate and because they have not had that much practice at rational thought, they are struggling to put together a decent argument.

Perhaps das Pope will come up with an answer.

Let’s assume for a moment that Big G does exist. He has given us the knowledge to tamper with life so He must agree with the scientists. Let’s go for it! Let’s find cures for all those nasty diseases.

The old “soul superstition” which somehow (according to the church) makes “Man” special has caused successive misguided and ignorant governments to allow very sick people to have their lives prolonged and experience an unacceptable level of suffering and pain.

The same superstition is stopping us from encouraging our scientists to find a cure.

Let us thank God and the men in frocks.

Jesus must be spinning in his grave. Sorry (oops!), I forgot. He was allowed to tamper with nature. Probably some sort of cell regeneration.

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