Dope, Faith and Clarity

The British Government has spent a great deal of time classifying and reclassifying cannabis. Some argue that it is less harmful than alcohol, whereas others scream that it is the chosen smoke of Satan’s junkie whore.

Our Nanny State now tells us what to smoke, where to smoke it and where not to discard the dog ends. It tells us what not to drink and in what quantity not to drink it . We are told not to have unprotected sex, not to have heterosexual sex under the age of sixteen and only have homosexual sex after the age of eighteen.

All apparently sensible stuff but that fact is that in the UK most rules and regulations appear to be designed to generate an endless stream of Court fodder as well as  incremental income for the authorities. We also produce more unmarried mothers than anyone else in the civilised world and the exploits of our young binge drinkers is legendary – both here and abroad.

How refreshing it was to read that the Argentine Supreme Court has ruled that it is “unconstitutional” to punish people for using cannabis. They appear to be treating people like responsible adults!

Our own Police spends a significant amount of its time asking young people – especially black young people to turn out their pockets. There are few surprises and then there is paperwork, DNA testing, blood samples, court appearances and more ticks on the crime statistics.

Here are two quotes from the Argentinian Supreme Court. I believe that we would do well to take heed:

“Each adult is free to make lifestyle decisions without the intervention of the State.”

“The State cannot establish morality.”