Adrian Sudbury


This week has amplified our collective superficiality and our blindly inane worship of Celebrity.

You think that Gary Glitter is a celebrity? Here is a real one:

Adrian Sudbury was a reporter for both the Huddersfield Express and Chronicle and the Huddersfield Examiner.

In November 2006 the 25-year-old was promoted to digital journalist, effectively editing the new-look Examiner website. Just two days into his new role he became seriously ill and called in sick.

A week later he drove himself to A&E and was eventually diagnosed with leukaemia. It was then identified that he actually had two distinct types of the disease running at the same time. According to the medical literature he was the only person in the world to have the condition. It was not possible to offer Adrian a prognosis.

He  knew that his days were numbered and in spite of the lukaemia that he had to fight in order to buy a little more time, he became a very vociferous and effective  campaigner for organ and blood donation. 

Adrian died this week.

Many people have sent messages of condolence to Adrian’s family. Among them was Gordon Brown.

He praised Adrian as a ‘true hero’ who was ‘an inspiration to all who knew him’:

 “Adrian Sudbury was a true hero whose selflessness and courage made him an inspiration to all who knew him and to many who didn’t.  

Adrian’s campaign to raise awareness about blood, bone marrow and organ donation has already attracted thousands of supporters, myself among them, and his memory will continue to inspire action for many years to come.  

I spoke to Adrian last Wednesday and his campaigning spirit and his optimism remained undimmed. My thoughts are with his family at this time, and I know they will be proud that Adrian’s achievements will continue to help others after he has gone”.

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