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Saturday April 25th 2015

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  • Which political party is IN TOUCH with the people?
    Many years ago, I was asked to chair a Citibank meeting during which the CEO and directors would meet the staff and answer pre-submitted questions. The whole event was started off by the Chief Executive delivering a “Where We Are Now/Where We Would Like To Be” presentation. In the manner of all Chief Executives with […]
  • The #DPP Lady shows the LAW is not “a ass”
    The Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, is quite right in having decided NOT to prosecute Lord Janner for alleged child abuse. Her reasons and rationale are to be found here: Although her reasons not to prosecute are (quite rightly)  based in law, there is also the question of compassion…..something definitely not afforded the hundreds […]
  • LIBDEM Manifesto #GE2015
  • Polish guy challenges Farage!
    There is a serious point behind Janek Zlinski’s challenge to Nigel Farage…………and I know whose side I’m on!!  #GE2015  
  • Indentured Servitude
    #GE2015 The Help to Buy scheme continues to place many young homeowners in “indentured servitude”? Why not do the same to those with a home enjoying the protection of a Housing Association by extending their Right to Buy? Although the Right to Buy Scheme seemed very trailblazing and successful in the 1980s, the sad fact […]
  • Prime MInister ate my Dog!
    Ever since Ed Miliband was captured devouring a bacon sandwich with the expression of a psycho eating his own brother’s liver, snappers have been trying to catch David Cameron in a similar predicament. This week, because the canny Dave was photographed tucking into a hotdog with a knife and fork, we have headlines such as […]
  • The Bank Job and Hatton Garden.
    The signs so far indicate that the Hatton Garden safety deposit heist was loosely based on the 2008 Jason Statham movie “The Bank Job”, which was itself based on the 1971 Baker Street Lloyds Bank job. The main differences appear to be that in the Hatton Garden caper, the police alarm was set-off and ignored […]
  • Have Newspapers lost their political influence?
    There’s a bit of a contradiction in  all this pre-election media nonsense. The pro-Conservative PRESS,  The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Sun, Times and the Evening Standard (TOTAL CIRCULATION 5.25 million) in the BLUE Corner AND  only The Mirror with the non-Libdem bit of the Guardian holding the sponge, (TOTAL CIRCULATION about 1.1 million) in […]
  • A fine example of Conservative canvassing:
    Jeremy Hunt Canvassing the doctors for support? Come, come, Jezza…’re just NOT playing the game!!                        
  • Pickles in a Pickle.
    Conservative  #GE2015 promises are now taking on a surreal air. The latest was from Eric Pickles who proposes to give people three paid days off per year in order to carry-out “altruistic works” such as watching the Test Match and mowing the lawn … It does look as if Cameron is hoping to revive THE […]

Snapshots for 26 April, 2012

4:12 pm Do we in the UK have any proof that OUR judicial system and the quality of our police investigation is any better that anywhere else. For instance.....Portugal?

2:08 pm Chronic "overbuild" means that America has about 40 million so-called McMansions which no-one wants!

10:17 am Record number of Scottish firms go bust as Britain remains in grip of the worst financial crisis for 80 years:

10:14 am Accepted Wisdom used to be that the Soviet Union would never collapse. There were economic and political problems compounded by an unequal distribution of wealth. It is therefore surprising that those circumstances of 20 years ago do not appear to resonate with Eurozone politicians.