Self-styled spokesman for the gay community and royal butt-kisser, Stephen Fry is encouraging  United Kingdom athletes  to boycott the next Winter Olympics and the IOC to ban the games because he’s unhappy at the Russian attitude to gays.   He’s written to both David Cameron and the International Olympic Committee and compared 2014 Sochi winter games with the 1936 Berlin Olympics and the Russian persecution of gays to the Nazi persecution of Jews. Fry himself should get the ball rolling by not attending the next Chekhov play, cutting down on the Beluga, Blini  and Stoli and certainly wiping all the Russian classics from his iPad. As the years march on, St Stephen is beginning to behave more and more like a dotty old interfering maiden aunt with too many unused pads of  Basildon Bond in her bureau………. Stick to being patronising and smug, Stevo!!  (The official Russian attitude towards gays IS medieval and quite abhorrent but what about countries such as Saudi Arabia and many others? A hissy fit and a Fryflounce are NOT the way forward.)

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