Four-year-old Daniel Pelka died of starvation, beating and incomprehensible neglect. The details are in the press. Currently, Social Services executives (as usual) are running for cover and tidying up files as the blame game begins .  Meanwhile, we will all be subjected to the customary cries of  “Lessons MUST be learned”“We MUST ensure that this never happens again”, “He was failed by all of us” ,“We have new procedures in place”, followed by the traditional British method of dealing with all Public Service problems – The Inquiry………The real fact is that today, there are many Daniels being beaten and abused and some of them will be known to the Social Services. One or two will die. All I will say to any Social Worker working with children is this: You are taking too much time off work and you attend too many meetings. How do I know that? I’m afraid I cannot tell you but the days that you take off through “stress” are nothing to the stress experienced by a starving unloved child who understands nothing but extreme pain and fear.

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