A new CBI Report entitled TOMORROW’S GROWTH concludes that relying solely on traditional university courses will not meet the growing demand for proper degree-level technical skills. Consequently, the UK will fail to close its chronic skills gaps without urgent action to boost advanced learn-as-you-earn training and more business-designed degrees. The CBI also warns that businesses need to tackle the perception that A-levels followed by a three-year residential course is the only route to a good career. We in the United Kingdom  have created a very high population of “average” prospective British employees, with not enough at either the skilled white-collar level, or the skilled blue-collar end. All you have to do is look at the ethnic origin of surgeons and doctors within the NHS  and the nationalities of those doing what we in the UK call the “menial” jobs. Indian and Chinese at one end, with Polish and other European at the other… with a sprinkling of other “ethnics”. Where are the Brits? They are middle-management! Our biggest problem is our own self-perception and that well-known national superiority complex.