Management: Two views

As an Executive Coach of over 25 years, there is one pet hate which I have developed – the Management Model.

Every year, new models arrive and new training methods  sprout like weeds.

99% of them are derivative.

For instance, when applying a bit of pseudo-psychology, a classic Johari Window may be used. This one which is based on the Merrill-Reid Social Styles Model. Here it is:

So, we coaches and trainers tell our charges that as managers, they are either Driver-Expressive, Driver-Analytical etc. We know that accountants are Analytical-Aimiable or that a Finance Director might be a Driver-Analytical.

Then we all nod wisely and have a discussion.

But so what?

It’s no more than Mystic Meg telling you that you are “emotional” but “you like to get your own way” or that “you never give up” or ” you have a small scar on your left knee”……I can even sense you nodding as you read this!

Unfortunately, if you have staff and you are a bad manager, this is the Management Model against which they are likely to be judging you:

So, if you are a manager or an “executive”………think on……….ditch the “Bossmanship” and self-importance. Someone , somewhere may be ridiculing you.

….and oh yes……………….ditch those Management Models as well as those “soft” skills of Management.

You already have those.

(RR posted by Gemma)