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Big Brother.

big brother


George Orwell may have been 30 years out, but he was right. Theresa May’s Investigatory Powers Bill must not be allowed to pass into Law. I certainly do not want to traumatize some innocent Plod as he or she scours my web-browsing history…(It was for research purposes!). Rewind 20 years and we have the equivalent of the government saying: “We want to steam-open your letters before you read them but we’ll only have  sneaky little peek. Nothing to worry about. It’s all that terrorism y’know! It’s for your own good!”

Hopefully, once again…the House of Lords will protect us from a government which is becoming far too prescriptive and self-important.

Another case of Big Brother is Botching?

The Bank Job and Hatton Garden.

bank job

The signs so far indicate that the Hatton Garden safety deposit heist was loosely based on the 2008 Jason Statham movie “The Bank Job”, which was itself based on the 1971 Baker Street Lloyds Bank job. The main differences appear to be that in the Hatton Garden caper, the police alarm was set-off and ignored and the thieves were Health and Safety conscious  – wearing both high-viz jackets and hard-hats! Just to strike a slightly political note: It is very likely that if it is shown that a burglar alarm WAS ignored, insurance companies  will ensure that the Plod is soon standing in the dock , being sued for MILLIONS. However, as the taxpayer funds the Plod, it will be the taxpayer who ultimately pays the bill (as usual)!

Ian Chisnall -INDEPENDENT Candidate for Sussex PCC.

The elections for the newly-created post of Police and Crime Commissioner are set to take place on November 15th 2012. There is already a fear that the voter turnout will be low.

Make no mistake – this will be a very important post as the PCCs will be our direct links with Police Forces up and down the country, so it makes sense for us all to take a proper interest and ensure that we vote-in the right people for these crucial posts.

Political Parties are jockeying for position as they are very keen to transfer the current “Punch and Judy” politics to local level. This approach is already exemplified by Local Councillors spending much of their time playing “Westminster” instead of chanelling their energies for the good of their communities.

We really should think about not-only making the effort to vote but to vote for the best possible INDEPENDENT Candidates in our regions.

Ian Chisnall is the Independent Candidate for Sussex.

This is the first of a series of interviews which I have conducted with Ian.

Ian Chisnall is one of us. He is not a local councillor, an ex-local councillor or even an ex-policeman.

His intent is NOT self-promotion, nor status. He is one of the few people I’ve met who honestly believes in that old clichéd maxim: “I want to serve”….and he genuinely believes it!

He wants to serve the community – in fact his conversation is peppered with the word “community”.

He, in common with an increasing number of the electorate does NOT see the job of Police and Crime Commissioner as being an even remotely political post. He says that apart from the expected slice of administration and meetings, this job is about Leadership and (unsurprisingly) the Community and its involvement in policing and the law.

What motivates Ian is disarmingly simple: He want Sussex to be safer.

Political intrigue and ideas based on Party Political dogma have no place in his thinking.

At the same time, he wants us to be educated, to understand basic things such as when to call the police and what we should realistically expect. As PCC, he will:

Manage our expectations

Help to keep people safe

Allow us (the members of the Sussex Community) to express our legal rights.

Straightforward and honest aspirations from a straightforward and honest candidate.

Ian is married with two grown-up children and, because he’s been married for 30 years, he knows when he needs to strike that balance between speaking his mind and being open to others’ comments and ideas!

This unassuming man comes across as  gently-spoken but with an inner core of steel and determination. Although he describes his work-style as Collaborative and Consensus-Building – don’t worry – he’ll not be afraid to take difficult or unpopular decisions if he believes that they are for the public’s good and in their interest.

He believes that one of his biggest assets is his lack of Political Connection or a mind cluttered by Party Political Policy.

That is why he genuinely doesn’t understand why the job of PCC should have ANYTHING AT ALL to do with Party Politics.

He is a Man of the People.

Currently he’s Sussex Co-ordinator for Churches Together, although by trade, he is a Graduate Electronics Engineer. He understands the People and the Numbers!

He doesn’t just say that he wants to work for the community – he already does – and will continue to do so as PCC.

As Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner, he will hit the ground running because he already understands the Police from an operational point of view, having already spent eight years as part of the Sussex Police Independent Advisory Group.