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There are two groups of the odious Savile’s victims who will never hear politicians’ apologies for his vile assaults: Those who have died and those who were dead at the time of the assault.

Errol Damelin who resigned from WONGA this month, just before the solids hit the air conditioning, owns 16.8 MILLION  Wonga shares through Castle Bridge Ventures which is based in the British Virgin Islands……PROPER British Capitalism!

Presumably after its deception of impersonating a Solicitor, Wonga will be calculating the compensation to its victims at a rate of five YEARS at 5852% ….and what excuses will the OFT and  FCA be offering for not throwing the book at the company?

#UKIP What does Nigel Farage do between elections? Have you noticed that he only appears when there are seats to be fought?  I like to think that he’s in an earth-filled coffin in a castle somewhere near Salzburg…..

Good to hear that, rather than those sugar-laden fruit juices, schools are going back to providing pupils with WATER……..which I believe is some sort of mixer… 🙂