RRNEWSpygun has been Senior Vice-president and Head of Broker Division for a very  large (sometimes the biggest) international bank as well as Head of Management Development for the same company.

He has also been Training & Development Director at Legal & General, Agency Director at Crown Financial Management and occasional non-executive director to  a number of  UK companies. As a consultant to one of the UK’s major political parties he has delivered training for the political classes and still writes the occasional speech.

He is a corporate assessment and development specialist and a licensed psychometric examiner. He has designed written and completed numerous management assessments plus financial services, management and presentation courses.

Even though now a full-time writer, when asked nicely and handed obscenely large quantities of cash(!) he still occasionally coaches executives and salespeople. As a trained negotiator, Spygun also trains and coaches in the Dark Arts of Professional Negotiation!

He has trained, coached  and advised senior corporate staff all over the world and until recently was a director of a  PR and Corporate Development company. After the slight distraction of a commercial career, Spygun has returned to full-time writing. Currently, he is ghosting biographies, both long and short as well as CVs/Resumes. He also ghosts ebooks, web-site content and blogs. He is a member of the Upwork ProWriter Team.

His corporate experience is vast and has included a spell as Chief Executive of an international investment brokerage based in the Middle East and director of an American yacht company based in France. He spent many years living and working on the Cote d’Azur in the yachting industry.

During his time in France he wrote an occasional boating column  and other articles for Nice-Matin.

He writes on management, financial  and general business topics for several management and corporate magazines and is a political blogger. In early 2008, he predicted the nationalisation of the banking system and remains perplexed by the ineptitude of many politicians and their failure to deal with the first banking crisis  – which now appears to be leading to subsequent crises.

He is a member of the National Union of Journalists and author of a couple of books in his own name but many more ghosted for others. Books: http://amzn.to/1TsARX9 

After graduation (Physics and Mathematics) followed by a Masters in Applied Psychology, Spygun began his career researching into driver behaviour at the Government’s Road Research Laboratory followed, by several years in banking plus some years in the French yachting industry before resuming his business and writing career in the UK.

His heroes are the Romans, Richard Dawkins, the Simpsons, Brian Reade, Will Self, Ivan Turgenev and occasionally Jeremy Clarkson (when he is not being a knob).

He dislikes stupid people, meetings, bad teaching, call-centres, accountancy and the British acceptance of bad food and overpriced wine. But what he campaigns against more than anything is the unnecessary over-complication  of the financial industry (and its language) by the mind-numbingly ineffective bureaucracy spawned by successive Financial Services Acts, aided and abetted by clueless governments run by uninformed politicians.

He also has a rabid dislike for management jive-talk, although  he does realise that his views need some approximate reasoning for any real-time probabilistic processes.  He is willing to get some communal thought-showers going but he hopes that he has left the first vapour trail in the blue-sky scenario – otherwise he feels that he will have to eat his own dog-food . In any event, he is willing to leave any idea in the car park with the engine running in case there is a need to do some deep-diving on the concepts and maybe burn some flip-chart.any ee does agree that this view does need some approximate

Favourite sayings:

“The Romans did not build their empire by having meetings and claiming expenses. They did it by killing everyone who stood in their way.”

“The meek shall inherit the Earth” was just a silly rumour spread by the meek.

….and especially for my politician buddies:

“Any promise seems possible if you don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

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