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Monday February 8th 2016
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  • Trump logic.
    Someone please tell Presidential candidate #Trump that Steve Jobs was the son of a #Syrian Muslim migrant to the USA  named  Abdulfattah “John” Jandalind and was most likely conceived in Homs, Syria. Had Trump been President when Jobs’ father came to study in the USA, he may have been refused entry and then……No Jobs and no […]
  • #Cameron – a first assessment.
    Cameron appears to have achieved very little with almost EVERYTHING being "work in progress".
  • Daesh and the bombing
    The fastest way to defeat ISIL (or as the BBC now refers to them – “So-called ISIL”) is NOT to bomb it but to ask the United States to stop supplying it. We can then go and find someone else to bomb…
  • #Paris Murders.
    It was either an Al Qaeda attempt to reassert itself as No1 Banana in the Jihad, The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), BOTH, or one pretending to be the other.
  • The #NHS Job Creation Scheme.
    Very soon, the UK’s National Health Service will collapse under the burden of an impossible workload coupled to chronic government underfunding. Unfortunately the Conservative mantra of “We have invested far more in the NHS than the last Labour government…..blah…blah…blah…”  has become not only an absolutely meaningless slogan but a very bad joke. Here are TWO […]
  • Cameron’s letter to Santa.
    David Cameron is about to send his Christmas EU wish-list letter to Brussels. As he licks the stamp, he should perhaps reflect on the fact that this is the third renegotiation since Britain joined in 1973 and our second referendum on membership. It’s not even as if the United Kingdom is negotiating from a position of […]
    Chancellor #Gideon is considering scrapping tax relief on Pension Contributions but then allowing tax-free access to savings upon retirement. This should be resisted by everyone. Not only is it a bad idea, borne of Treasury short-termism and a Chancellor with a singular lack of imagination but it is also a con…..He obviously has not learned […]
  • Sharm el-Sheikh Sabotage
    It’s a great shame that even when Cameron makes an absolutely CORRECT decision in halting flights to and from Sharm el-Sheikh, people still complain. As evidence accumulates, it looks increasingly likely that the Russian Airbus 321 was brought down by a catastrophic event which occurred inside the plane. DC is taking no chances – and quite […]
  • Never been to #LEWES #BONFIRE Celebrations? Watch this…….

Trump logic.

Someone please tell Presidential candidate #Trump that Steve Jobs was the son of a #Syrian Muslim migrant to the USA  named  Abdulfattah "John" [...]

#Cameron – a first assessment.

Every government is remembered by its Prime Minister and just a couple of headline achievements and policies. So far, David Cameron has built quite [...]

Snapshots for 2 December, 2015

4:59 pm The fastest way to defeat ISIL (or as the BBC now refers to them - "So-called ISIL") is NOT to bomb it but to ask the United States to stop supplying it. We can then go and find someone else to bomb...

Snapshots for 14 November, 2015

8:51 am It was either an Al Qaeda attempt to reassert itself as No1 Banana in the Jihad, The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), BOTH, or one pretending to be the other.

The #NHS Job Creation Scheme.

The #NHS Job Creation Scheme.

Very soon, the UK's National Health Service will collapse under the burden of an impossible workload coupled to chronic government [...]

Cameron’s letter to Santa.

Cameron’s letter to Santa.

David Cameron is about to send his Christmas EU wish-list letter to Brussels. As he licks the stamp, he should perhaps reflect on the fact that [...]

Snapshots for 5 November, 2015

2:01 pm Chancellor #Gideon is considering scrapping tax relief on Pension Contributions but then allowing tax-free access to savings upon retirement. This should be resisted by everyone. Not only is it a bad idea, borne of Treasury short-termism and a Chancellor with a singular lack of imagination but it is also a con.....He obviously has not learned the Tax Credits lesson and is obviously in a hurry - before the UK economy 'tanks' again.

1:45 pm It's a great shame that even when Cameron makes an absolutely CORRECT decision in halting flights to and from Sharm el-Sheikh, people still complain. As evidence accumulates, it looks increasingly likely that the Russian Airbus 321 was brought down by a catastrophic event which occurred inside the plane. DC is taking no chances - and quite right too!

Snapshots for 4 November, 2015

VW  – naughtiness with intent?2:51 pm  Continuing to enjoy the outrage and the irony of POLITICIANS criticising VW for being economical with the facts and misleading the public. via @ReutersUK

NHS – the beginning of the end? It doesn’t have to be.

NHS – the beginning of the end? It doesn’t have to be.

The issues which the NHS is currently experiencing have a  lot to do with a fundamental change in its ethos. When it was formed in 1948, its [...]

Snapshots for 3 November, 2015

4:44 pm An influential Commons committee has urged David Cameron not to press ahead with a vote on UK air strikes against Islamic State militants in Syria. The Foreign Affairs Committee - which has a Conservative majority - said the Prime Minister should instead "focus on efforts to end Syria's civil war". The committee also raised concerns about the legal basis for any UK action. Downing Street has strongly denied reports Mr Cameron has abandoned plans for a vote altogether.......but Oh YES, he has! There's no way that he can risk another Commons defeat, Lords humiliation or be seen doing to Syria what Blair did to Iraq. He has taken the line of least resistance.

UK Credit Card Debt.

UK Credit Card Debt.

In the United Kingdom, total Credit Card debt now stands at about £61,000,000,000.  Approximately 2,000,000 people are in arrears or have [...]

Export worries.

Export worries.

David Cameron and George Osborne both appear to think that meeting other politicians somehow creates international trade. The fact is that [...]

EVRAZ loan!

BURIED NEWS: The (our) government has given a cheap £45 MILLION loan to international Steel Mills Group EVRAZ (owned by Roman Abramovich). The cash [...]

Big Brother.

Big Brother.

  George Orwell may have been 30 years out, but he was right. Theresa May's Investigatory Powers Bill must not be allowed to pass into Law. [...]

Renegotiation of the UK’s EU Membership.

Renegotiation of the UK’s EU Membership.

If you ask the average British person why they are dissatisfied with the nature of the UK's  membership of the European Union, the items which are [...]

Snapshots for 31 October, 2015

12:01 pm Many years ago, I was in East Germany (don't ask!) and recall a Keep Britain Tidy demonstration being reported in a Russian newspaper. The strapline was "The average Englishman throws his rubbish onto the street." I knew what they meant but the impression given was horrific. This week, the following article made it to the Independent. Here's what is being reported about the United Kingdom and its 'hardworking people'....................‘Victorian’ diseases rise as Tories fail to tackle food poverty

11:12 am    Chancellor Osborne is off to Germany next week to outline how he wants to protect London's financial services industry in a reformed European Union. The fear is that ever-closer integration of the eurozone could leave London sidelined in financial policymaking, affecting its banking sector. In fact, London's status as a European financial centre has already been compromised by Cameron's dithering and inability to put down on paper the exact changes he is (apparently) negotiating. The continuing lack of detail on his demands for new EU membership terms, is causing both frustration, bemusement and a level of confusion among EU leaders.  Cameron has now had to "do a Chilcot" by promising to send them his wish-list by next week.

Snapshots for 27 October, 2015

Euro zone corporate lending growth slows to near zero in September2:03 pm   Growth in lending to eurozone corporations slowed almost to a halt in September while a broader measure of money circulating in the euro zone was unchanged, the European Central Bank said on Tuesday. Lending growth to non-financial corporations slowed to an annualised 0.1 percent in September from 0.4 percent a month before, while lending growth to households picked up to 1.1 percent in September from 1.0 percent in August. Sparse lending to companies has dogged the struggling euro zone economy although the picture improved slightly over the summer months before September's dip. The ECB last week raised the prospect of providing more monetary stimulus to the euro zone economy, possibly as soon as December, to boost inflation and growth. The M3 measure of money circulating in the euro zone, which is often an early indicator of future economic activity, grew by 4.9 percent in September, unchanged from August and missing forecasts for 5.0 percent. (Reuters)

Snapshots for 26 October, 2015

Costly Nuclear Deterrent!4:49 pm  The overall cost of replacing and maintaining Britain's nuclear deterrent will reach 167 billion pounds, much more than expected, according to an MP's and Reuters' calculations based on official figures.

4:44 pm British banks approved the fewest mortgages last month since May, while net credit card lending fell to its lowest since September 2014. Now THAT'S what you call consumer confidence!

The Nouveaux Pauvres.

The Nouveaux Pauvres.

Socialism was not invented by the working classes. Neither is it a natural state. It is a construct. It was developed by intellectuals (who [...]

THE DEFICIT MYTH – We’re STILL underperforming the #EU ……..#GE2015

THE DEFICIT has been a constant in our ears ever since someone at Conservative HQ discovered that because the GDP was exceptionally low in 2010, THE [...]

Which political party is IN TOUCH with the people?

Which political party is IN TOUCH with the people?

Many years ago, I was asked to chair a Citibank meeting during which the CEO and directors would meet the staff and answer pre-submitted questions. [...]

The #DPP Lady shows the LAW is not “a ass”

The #DPP Lady shows the LAW is not “a ass”

The Director of Public Prosecutions, Alison Saunders, is quite right in having decided NOT to prosecute Lord Janner for alleged child abuse. Her [...]

Polish guy challenges Farage!

There is a serious point behind Janek Zlinski's challenge to Nigel Farage............and I know whose side I'm on!!  #GE2015  

Snapshots for 14 April, 2015

Indentured Servitude3:21 pm  #GE2015 The Help to Buy scheme continues to place many young homeowners in “indentured servitude”? Why not do the same to those with a home enjoying the protection of a Housing Association by extending their Right to Buy? Although the Right to Buy Scheme seemed very trailblazing and successful in the 1980s, the sad fact is that Local Authorities continue to buy-back Council houses at greatly inflated prices. Placing more people in more debt and selling the concept as a great pre-election "positive" is arrant nonsense.....If you are tempted, remember.....mortgaging a property is no more than RENTING it from a bank, except that YOU pick up the tab for insurance and maintenance.....and knowing the Conservative Party's fondness for post-announcement small print....make sure that you understand what a pre-emption clause is, should you decide to sell-on your house after having exercised your Right to Buy. By the way, The Conservatives say that every house purchased by a Housing Association tenant will be replaced “on a one-for-one basis”. The Social Housing stock can be increased WITHOUT any more hare-brained schemes. Currently 3.4 MILLION people are awaiting Social Housing.

Snapshots for 11 April, 2015

Prime MInister ate my Dog!8:53 am  Ever since Ed Miliband was captured devouring a bacon sandwich with the expression of a psycho eating his own brother's liver, snappers have been trying to catch David Cameron in a similar predicament. This week, because the canny Dave was photographed tucking into a hotdog with a knife and fork, we have headlines such as "Cameron doesn't know how to eat a hotdog!" or "Prime Minister ate my dog...with a knife and fork!".  If lazy journos take the trouble to Google "Cameron eats hotdog", they will find quite a few examples of DC biting into a Dog the traditional way. Anyone would think that there was an imminent election!

The Bank Job and Hatton Garden.8:34 am  The signs so far indicate that the Hatton Garden safety deposit heist was loosely based on the 2008 Jason Statham movie "The Bank Job", which was itself based on the 1971 Baker Street Lloyds Bank job. The main differences appear to be that in the Hatton Garden caper, the police alarm was set-off and ignored and the thieves were Health and Safety conscious  - wearing both high-viz jackets and hard-hats! Just to strike a slightly political note: It is very likely that if it is shown that a burglar alarm WAS ignored, insurance companies  will ensure that the Plod is soon standing in the dock , being sued for MILLIONS. However, as the taxpayer funds the Plod, it will be the taxpayer who ultimately pays the bill (as usual)!

Snapshots for 10 April, 2015

Have Newspapers lost their political influence?1:40 pm  There's a bit of a contradiction in  all this pre-election media nonsense. The pro-Conservative PRESS,  The Daily Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Sun, Times and the Evening Standard (TOTAL CIRCULATION 5.25 million) in the BLUE Corner AND  only The Mirror with the non-Libdem bit of the Guardian holding the sponge, (TOTAL CIRCULATION about 1.1 million) in the RED Corner.  That 5-1 in favour of the Blue corner! In spite of this apparent handicap, Labour and Miliband are edging ahead.... Can it be true that the electorate is finally making-up its own mind? Or is Tory dead-tree journalism a dead parrot?

A fine example of Conservative canvassing:11:15 am Jeremy Hunt Canvassing the doctors for support? Come, come,'re just NOT playing the game!!                        

10:59 am Conservative  #GE2015 promises are now taking on a surreal air. The latest was from Eric Pickles who proposes to give people three paid days off per year in order to carry-out "altruistic works" such as watching the Test Match and mowing the lawn ... It does look as if Cameron is hoping to revive THE BIG SOCIETY, which is fast becoming a bit of a pre-election tradition which somehow manages to disappear by the summer! Here's Eric Pickles being put to the sword by Radio 4:

10:36 am "Help to Buy" and now, courtesy of the Libdems, the largely theoretical ( it AIN'T going to happen!) "HELP TO RENT".  In order to complete the set, can we please also have "Help to Eat" for all those hungry people queueing at food banks and maybe, we can have "Help to find a Decent Job" for all those who wouldn't need HELP, if the government had not allowed house and rent prices to run out of control.

Brighton Gin – Raoul-style!

Brighton Gin – Raoul-style!

A couple of years ago, I was in Oman, running a Management Audit course for a dozen  employees of a well-known petro-chemical conglomerate. The [...]

The Greeks – they’re just like us!

First published  17th March 2015, The News Hub.... The relationship between the European Union, the Eurozone and Greece is no [...]

EU urges Greece to ‘stop wasting time’ on reform

(Reuters) - The head of euro zone finance ministers has urged Greece to "stop wasting time" and buckle down to serious talks and implementation of a [...]

Camron and Karney the Head Banker – A Fable

Camron and Karney the Head Banker – A Fable

(A government FAILS to persuade bankers to lend to the common people.) The Gates to Economic Recovery and New Prosperity were being [...]

Snapshots for 24 February, 2015

Rifkind Seppuku!4:51 pm  With Malcolm Rifkind (quite unnecessarily) having made the grand gesture of Political Sepukku, the Conservatives will be looking to Labour's Jack Straw MP for a similarly honourable and pointless act. Jack is already standing down as MP in a month's time but surely, there must still be something by which he could demonstrate that there is honour in politics. Turning down a peerage would earn a few Brownie points. Mind you, he does appear to be under the misapprehension that members of the House Lords can carry on with impunity and acquire any number of nice little THAT'S probably out of the question. Mind you, SHOULD a sudden explosion of avarice and self-ennoblement disqualify him from his hard-earned Baronetcy?

3:16 pm It looks as if the Eurogroup is giving Greece little chance of breaking free from its crippling austerity. Surely they understand that Greece has little chance of Economic Growth with the jackboot of austerity still on its neck. Hopefully, the #EU is not hoping for a U-turn to 100% compliance by attempting to "engineer" the return of Samaras and his Euro-poodles.

Blue or Red corner?

Blue or Red corner?

We are constantly being reminded that that the May General Election, rather than being an ideological battle between the two usual suspects, it is [...]

#Islamic State – Cause or Effect?

#Islamic State – Cause or Effect?

After the mess left behind in Iraq, Libya and Syria, Western leaders appear to have realised that the days of a “good shooting war” being good [...]

The Paris Love-in.

The Paris Love-in.

The Summer of Love, Woodstock and now Je Suis Charlie........ Love-ins are doubtless very motivational, inspirational and emotionally regenerative [...]

The coming of Social Unrest

Social Unrest has little to do with Democracy or Government. It has everything to do with uneven & unfair Wealth Distribution and hungry people. See [...]

The BIGGEST scandal of all

We have had many scandals in the UK. By far the greatest is that a country which (on paper) is one of the Top 10 richest in the world has a need for [...]

Conservative Hunger Games

The Conservative solution to British hunger and poverty is best exemplified by Leader of the House & former pin-up boy of the teaching professions, [...]

The Call of the Mild.

Political and Establishment figures keep "calling" for stuff! "Calling" appears to be used as an action substitute. They "call" for ceasefires, they [...]

Beware – especially #SMEs

Whether you provide a service or whether you make something and no matter how GOOD you are, you need to tell the world about what you produce. THAT [...]

The Bank Bonus Saga……..

In September 2009, Prime Minister Gordon Brown said that there SHOULD be a "clawback" system for bankers' pay. In February 2013, the EU was POISED [...]

#NHS and the #GP Lottery

#NHS and the #GP Lottery

Worried or embarrassed about your GP examining you ? About two months ago, my brother-in-law went to see his G.P about a back pain. The doctor [...]

Once watched a Conservative corporate video: "The primary objective of the Conservative Party is............" ..Bet you can't [...]

House of Cards

House of Cards

An unpleasant consequence of a Scottish 'YES' vote will be David Cameron's current stabbing pains between the shoulder blades becoming fatal. He, [...]

Certain ARAB states sitting back?

Certain ARAB states sitting back?

Iraq's neighbours are Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE.  Together, they have over 300,000 active military personnel with another MILLION [...]

Sean 1?

Anyone else hearing the rumours that Sean Connery is preparing to stand for President of Scotland? And can anyone think of a better reason for [...]

Threats and Meetings just DO NOT do it!

It began with Saddam: "Killing his own people, "Outrage", "We condemn", "We will take action", COBRA meeting, Statement: "Blah Blah...unacceptable", [...]

Snapshots for 13 September, 2014

12:23 pm  In the last fortnight, there has been an appreciable increase in articles and analysis of the Eurozone economy. Couple that to the ECB becoming involved in a semantic argument as to what does and what doesn't constitute Quantitative Easing, one can almost sense nascent rumblings of the economic Richter Scale. Hopefully, it's a false alarm and the seismograph stops twitching soon.....(Eurozone UNEMPLOYMENT steady at 11.5%)

Snapshots for 12 September, 2014

9:45 am Nigel MacFarage has what can only be described as a bit of a Dalai Lama. Today, he's off to Scotland to create a bit of Euro mischief with the very valid argument that Scotland may be giving up one form of political slavery for another. A YES vote will mean that they will be able to throw off the chafing shackles of Westminster Imperialist rule....but if Benito Salmond then pushes for Scotland's EU membership, the new masters will be those Brussels bureaucrats, which Nigel fears more than a dose of Ebola. On the other hand, has he forgotten that once a YES vote has been delivered, the Woad applied and Salmond has shouted himself hoarse (or preferably SILENT!) with rabid cries of  "Freeeeedommmmm!!!", Scotland will be OUT of the EU....which surely, is a GOOD thing? We sense yet another referendum  or two.

9:33 am Officially there have been NO Russian soldiers in Ukraine. However, the bodies of dead Russian soldiers have been repatriated and injured Russian soldiers are being treated both in Rostov and in Moscow. There must be a secret conflict in which Russia is participating as the paperwork accompanying the dead soldiers does not indicate their place of death.

Snapshots for 18 August, 2014

11:49 am A concept which Western negotiators would do well to get to grips with is "MASKIROVKA"...something Russia is very good at! ........... Humanitarian Aid ? OK...if you say so! That scamp Putin is still running circles around everyone. Sanctions? I still remember years ago,  the USA quietly asking Russia to please stop printing dollars. For the moment, the contest between Russia and the West appears very uneven. A good starting point would be for the West to LIFT all sanctions and force Putin to make his move :)

The Mess.

The Mess.

During the last four years or so, there has been a lot of political talk about "the mess THEY left behind". Here it is:

Snapshots for 15 August, 2014

11:44 am  Ebola, Famine and fighting in Africa.......... Rape, murder, racism, religious oppression and high explosives in the Middle East..... On the brink of war in Ukraine........HE certainly DOES move in mysterious ways!

Snapshots for 30 June, 2014

12:50 pm Cameron's ex-media chief Coulson to face payments re-trial via @reuters

GLASTONBURY and its Winnebagos, air-conditioned yurts, Chardonnay and designer hippies........ reminds me of more innocent days:

Snapshots for 27 June, 2014

9:53 am  We have learned (again) that David Cameron is not a tactician but a merely a talker and purveyor of quioxotic promises, who has been unable to come anywhere near blocking the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as EU Commission President. We have a quote which crystallises the futility of Cameron's stance. It is from Belgium's former Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt - himself blackballed by Britain for the EU job a decade ago: "Arguing that the commission president should not be a federalist is like saying that the next pope should not be a Catholic."

9:39 am #EU If David Cameron cannot even block an "old guard" federalist as commission chief, what chance does he stand of clawing back significant powers from Brussels? After the P.M's massive "FAIL",  look out for face-saving EU consolation prizes, such as EU leaders allowing the UK a few business-friendly policies and a maybe a key commission post to oversee reforms such as the internal market portfolio. No doubt, DC's spinmeisters are already hovering over their keyboards, ready to rewrite this latest EU cock-up as a great tactical victory.

8:06 am  Prime Minister David Cameron should have negotiated quietly with other European leaders and built an anti-Juncker alliance by arguing his case through reason and gentle persuasion. Unfortunately, as usual, he could not resist the temptation to gob-off and get everyone's back up by giving his customary impression of a petulant schoolboy. The argument is now lost and Jean-Claude Juncker WILL become head of the EU executive.

Snapshots for 26 June, 2014

4:10 pm  Did the BBC man REALLY just say "THREE BITES AND YOU'RE OUT!" ??????

4:06 pm Tweeting blind from Hope Tweets are coming through!!   :)

Suarez2:55 pm  "I ate his shoulder with some Ñoquis and a nice Tannat Libero"

1:03 pm There are two groups of the odious Savile's victims who will never hear politicians' apologies for his vile assaults: Those who have died and those who were dead at the time of the assault.

11:32 am Errol Damelin who resigned from WONGA this month, just before the solids hit the air conditioning, owns 16.8 MILLION  Wonga shares through Castle Bridge Ventures which is based in the British Virgin Islands......PROPER British Capitalism!

11:24 am Presumably after its deception of impersonating a Solicitor, Wonga will be calculating the compensation to its victims at a rate of five YEARS at 5852% ....and what excuses will the OFT and  FCA be offering for not throwing the book at the company?

7:36 am #UKIP What does Nigel Farage do between elections? Have you noticed that he only appears when there are seats to be fought?  I like to think that he's in an earth-filled coffin in a castle somewhere near Salzburg.....

7:27 am Good to hear that, rather than those sugar-laden fruit juices, schools are going back to providing pupils with WATER........which I believe is some sort of mixer... :)

7:19 am Prime Minister David Cameron used to work in Public Relations? Not much evidence of that this week...#Coulson #Juncker  However, he is very lucky that it is only Miliband who faces him across the Dispatch Box.

Cameron in the “you know what”…..Again!

Cameron in the “you know what”…..Again!

The judge in the British phone-hacking trial criticised Prime Minister David Cameron  for not waiting until all verdicts were in before commenting [...]

Government to shoot-up Pfizer?

Government to shoot-up Pfizer?

Select Committee members can do a bit of grandstanding, Prime Ministers deliver a bit of macho jive talk - but the fact is that politicians can do [...]

Snapshots for 1 May, 2014

2:27 pm  #Ukraine. The Blitzkreig-like advance of ethnic-Russian militia in the eastern provinces is working so efficiently and meeting with so little resistance that one could be forgiven for suspecting that there is a plan and that there always has been a plan! In fact the capitulation by local authorities and officials suggests either complicity or possibly French military advisers!  :)

10:41 am  The IMF's austerity conditions for #Ukraine, in return for cash handouts will prepare the country for membership of the EU's "Indentured Servitude Club".....alongside near-neighbours such as Greece....... The short to mid-term future looks very bleak for members of the ISC........Nowadays, the population-at-large paying for the crimes of its politicians and bankers appears to be the generally accepted norm!

In Praise of Motivation.

In Praise of Motivation.

A lot of pretentious nonsense is talked and written about "motivation" and there are many  motivational speakers who travel the world, giving [...]

Nationalism – the Root Cause of Everything!

Nationalism – the Root Cause of Everything!

"Nationalism carries with it contradictions" was the view of Ernest Gellner, the British-Czech philosopher and social anthropologist. It is these [...]

Cinderella Law? Bend Over!

Cinderella Law? Bend Over!

It has been confirmed that the government is considering whether to introduce a new offence of Emotional Cruelty to Children. It is aimed at parents [...]

The Little Englander v The Europhile

The Little Englander v The Europhile

Whilst cocky Nigel Farage is looking increasingly like a pink Kermit the Frog, EU-enthusiast Nick Clegg retains the boyish charm and earnestness [...]

#MH370 : What if…..

#MH370 : What if…..

The red mark on the map is the location of the American Military Base on Diego Garcia, which is is a coral atoll and part of the British Indian Ocean [...]

We’re SO lucky !!

We’re SO lucky !!

TONITE, while me and  'er indoors  go to the Bingo & then to the boozer, I'll tell the kids to go to the railway to see if there's any [...]

Gideon’s Pensioner, Bingo & Beer Budget 2014

Gideon’s Pensioner, Bingo & Beer Budget 2014

Above is the official "Budget Diagram" just issued by H.M.  Treasury. Presumably we have to provide the crayons. The most remarkable thing about [...]

Snapshots for 4 March, 2014

10:02 am  My father's family is from Lubaczow, which is as near to the Polish-Ukranian border as you can I recognise and understand the collective Ukranian psyche. They are a bloody-minded people who will NOT take any shit from Russia. There is TOO much history. Imagine the relationship between a cat and a dog and you may begin to understand. AT BEST, they only tolerate each other..........

9:48 am  #UKRAINE: Usually, before a country moves from Despotism to becoming a fully-fledged Republic, there is ALWAYS a brief brush with Anarchy. In Ukranie's case, it has temporarily moved from home-grown Despotism to the threat of an alternative flavour of Despotism, but on this occasion, delivered by a foreign power. This will soon pass and the country will be able to  get on with the Anarchy before finally settling down to being a mature republic. However, as Egypt is currently showing, the cycle may have to be repeated several times before the appearance of those mythical sunny uplands of political stability.

FALLING INFLATION with Rising Prices?

FALLING INFLATION with Rising Prices?

When you are told that inflation is falling, you would naturally expect  prices to be falling . That ain't necessarily so! Many years ago, when [...]

Snapshots for 18 February, 2014

9:13 am After insurance industry leaders have had today's meeting with the Prime Minister, they're having a meeting with Miliband Minor. It's going to be a LONG day.

9:10 am When a CEO or Prime Minister has to handle a crisis personally, that suggests just one thing: He has a poor management structure under him or he doesn't trust the people HE  hired to complete the job effectively........ Either way, HE appointed them and is now doing THEIR job.

9:02 am  Another day, another meeting for David Cameron! This time it's with insurance industry leaders! Just to help DC with the nuances of insurance: INSURANCE is betting on something which MIGHT happen. ASSURANCE is betting on something which definitely WILL happen. Hence Life Assurance (you will DEFINITELY die) & nowadays, thanks to years of mismanagement and under- investment, we EFFECTIVELY have Flood ASSURANCE. Local Authorities and Central Government have placed the insurance industry in an impossible position. Insurance industry leaders will be "asked" not to increase premiums by too much by a government which is partly responsible for insurance claims which are already estimated to be well in excess of £1 BILLION.

Snapshots for 14 February, 2014

9:25 am  Roger Lloys Pack's funeral took place yesterday. He , of course was best-known as "Trigger" from Only Fools and Horses. According to his daughter Emily, Roger's final words to his family were "I'm fine"....... R.I.P

9:10 am  The odds are that a chunk of YOUR pension fund is invested by a Fund Manager (on your behalf) in Bank Shares. Over the years, lower dividends, as a result of those comedy bank bonuses will have an appreciable effect on your retirement fund. Who cares? You should.

Snapshots for 13 February, 2014

5:04 pm  The debate about the Scots using the Pound Sterling after  "Independence Day" is all very interesting but pointless because they are quite at liberty to use whichever currency they like.  However, there would be a problem  for instance, if interest rates moved and the variation didn't suit their spluttering (yes!) economy, King Sean and his jester Sal Mond would have to  rethink their Ruritanian/Wallace dreams and go back to the Withdrawing Board! BTW, there will be no independence because in the final analysis, the Scots are a VERY pragmatic race and  WILL "do the right thing" (sorry!) and remain where they belong - a much-cherished and loved part of the UNITED Kingdom. THAT is why today's macho posturing by an "irrelevant" such as Chancellor Gideon

The FLOODS: An inept response?

The FLOODS: An inept response?

As a manager and director I have always attempted to create a "No Surprises" regime. In the last few years, I have been showing businesses how to [...]

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